Trained & Mentored Indigenous Employee Program

Creating leadership and career development for our next generatioN


Ellavation presents traineeship opportunities for Indigenous people to assist with development and engagement, together with mentorship to build self-confidence.

Ellavation supported employees are enrolled in nationally recognised training courses and mentored in a program designed for sustainable employment and career development opportunities.

Program Overview

  • Completed over a 1-2 year period.
  • Training plans are specific to the unit of competency required to complete a nationally recognised qualification.
  • We source a Registered Training Organisation for this purpose.
  • Trainee employment is paid under a relevant industrial award or Enterprise Agreement.
  • Mentorship on a fortnightly basis then on a monthly basis; but with access to mentors at all times.
  • Ellavation will commit to a Cultural Awareness Program for the employer partner to alleviate any concerns around employing an Indigenous person.



Starshell Student Social Media Program

Protecting and educating indigenous youths on best practice social media use


It’s estimated between one in four Australian school-children experience cyberbullying annually and in the indigenous community it’s much worse, leading to high levels of absenteeism and early school leaving. 

We’ve formed a partnership with Kudos Knowledge to help protect and educate indigenous youths on social media and cyberbullying.

The Starshell Student program is an easy to use online platform designed specifically for students. The Ellavation edition has been tailored for indigenous youths.

How it works

  • Allows students to make their own decisions and actively learn about social media responsibility without intervention but with guidance from parents, schools or mentors.
  • Prevents incoming cyberbullying on social media through real time automated filtering of social media updates.
  • Provides students with a safety net to instantly notify and prevent them from sending explicit, racist, sexual or other content that could be harmful to their reputation on social media and jeopardise their education and career development.
  • Integrates into existing social media education frameworks.
  • Students are not required to disclose their passwords or login details at anytime so can rest assured that their privacy is safe.